Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Motivational Safety Crew

Part of the real fun and energy comes from the safety crew... our Breast Cancer 3Day motorcycle gang. They start in the early morning with us making sure we cross the larger intersections safely. They start where we do and then ping pong ahead of us so we end up seeing each person at least a few times a day!

In addition to keeping us safe (their # 1 goal I suspect) they go above and beyond in the cheerleading department. They dress the part and have music blaring on their motorcycles... always a great pick me up when the walk starts to get overwhelming.

Like I have said in previous posts... I had tons of pictures to show but then I lost my camera... still don't want to talk about it ;~(

Here are the pictures I managed to snap with the iPhone (thank God for the iPhone ;~)

This guy was SO awesome... and I swear he is a cuter version of Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

This guy is off the hook awesome. I learned from another walker that his wife is a survivor and usually they do this together every year. When regular walkers saw him and not her, there was some very real fear that something bad happened. Fortunately she was just out of town for this event and she is still in good health!

Same guy, just on day 3.

I mean clearly this guy has a heart for the cause. If you think the clothing was loud, you should have seen his spirit... didn't even compare.

I don't have pictures of one of the other safety guys that I loved... a big, burly, bald with a long goatee biker dude who wore pink sparkly chucks (one of a kind as far as he knows!) and outfits to match. He is one of those guys that looks like they could snap you in half but as soon as he smiles, you see the teddy bear inside. I am not sure what his connection to the cause was but man is he dedicated!

Hopefully I will get my hands on some more pictures so you can see more of this awesome crew!


  1. I'm REALLY sorry about the camera. Really. But we won't talk about that. :)
    This guy is awesome! What an awesome thing for a husband to do! And the mental picture from the bald, long goatee biker dude with pink sparkly chucks? Laugh out loud! That safety crew sounds like a major highlight. Keep on sharing. I love hearing about it.

  2. I have some pictures of the Safety Crew I could send you. I know, not the same as your own, but at least you'd have a few? This crew was so awesome and definitely helped me get through the long miles. It's hard to pick favorites. But I must admit they were waaaay cooler than the Chicago motor crew. :) (don't tell Chicago that!) haha.

  3. Anon - I would LOVE some pictures of the motor crew... and I will give you total photo credit! You can email me at lovelladro at gmail dot com. (spelled out lest I get spammed ;~) Thanks... I really appreciate it!

  4. This is so cool! I was a kind of person who would donate every year but wouldn't know much about the actual event. This is really awesome. Thank you for sharing!