Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You Did It!!

I have to start by saying that I love stickers. I always have and probably always will. In fact, throughout my childhood, stickers were usually a staple in my Christmas stockings, adorned birthday presents and were given as 'for no reason' gifts... my mom knew me well ;~)

Someone at the Breast Cancer 3Day must feel the same way. They give you a badge with a plastic sleeve and lanyard. You fill in your name and place the number (a sticker) of 3Day walks you have completed. On the other side of the badge are all the places you can add stickers for completing certain milestones.

So far I have "Set up my personal page", "Attended a Get Started Meeting" and "Got my first donation" (Thanks Jess H!). I get giddy every time I complete a milestone and am able to put a new sticker on.. seriously, ask Adam!

Today I realized I get to put another sticker on my badge!! "Raised my first $500!" Thanks to you all for getting me so far so quick! I am so very thankful to all my friends who put me over my first hurdle! I literally could not have done it without you!

1 comment:

  1. I got excited about the two green arrows I got this morning while taking Nick to school, and now I'm excited about your sticker accomplishments! Jessi that's so wonderful! Keep at it, you're doing GREAT!