Sunday, February 8, 2009

Purchase #1

When I did this walk in May 2002 I had every intention of training. My mom and I were going to plan out or training and hold each other to it. Unfortunately I was still young and self absorbed. I didn't follow through with the training which to this day saddens me. Not because the walk was hard but because the training was something my mom was looking forward to doing with me. I think she thought of it as time we could spend together bonding. I look back and it saddens me that I squandered that time... I couldn't even tell you what I replaced it with.

I made it through the walk ok. I had blisters like you wouldn't believe but I managed to take every step from the first to the last... some of those steps may have been more of a hobble but it counts!

This time, I plan on preparing. I am not in my early 20's anymore... ugh, I am not anywhere in my 20's. I am 30 and while I realize that is still young... it isn't as young as 23. Preparation needs to happen.

For this reason, I have bought the Omron Pedometer. It will go with me everywhere as I start the journey of preparation!

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