Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So my training has been going well nonexistent. I wish I had better news to report but sadly I don't.

I haven't kept up with the training schedule at all. I tried very hard for the first few weeks. I got the right shoes, I got a jogging stroller, I planned times to go... it was perfect. For a week or 2.

Walking for an hour or more with an active 18 month old in a stroller... well I would rather walk to hell and back.... which coincidentally is what it felt like.

Not that I can fault the kid... it's got to be pretty boring up there. And he is clearly to young to appreciate being pushed around all the while being plied with goldfish and water. If I could switch places and still call it training, I would in a heartbeat.

So I thought I should go without the kid. Yeah, I said 'I thought'... I didn't say I acted on it. It's a great idea to go without him but the logistics and feasibility of that are frustrating to say the least.

The thing is... I have to figure out something. I really don't want to be lapped by women who are more than twice my age and have been battling this horrid disease for years... which is what happened last time when my mom clearly kicked my a$$. Seriously, my whole motivation for completing the walk (and not getting picked up by a sweeper van) was to prove that I could do something a 50 year old cancer patient could do. Well I did it but not better than her. She barely broke a sweat, had no blisters and enjoyed every moment of the walk. I on the other hand panted like a dog without water, had blisters on my blisters and blissfully enjoyed tolerated every step.

She was an animal.

And I had her example to follow.

Now I am on my own and that scares the crap outta me.

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  1. Walking with your toddler in a stroller would not be an easy task that I know for sure! You will be okay, keep trying! Don't be scared...