Thursday, April 30, 2009

Training Started!

The breast cancer 3day helps you out by sending weekly guides for training. It's a 24 week process and since we are 24 weeks out from the event *gulp*, the training has begun!

Tuesday was the first day... 3 miles of moderate walking.

I made it 2.17 miles.

In my defense it was hot and I was bored. Chase (oh and I was pushing a big ole honkin stroller) doesn't talk back to me, ya know, being 18 months old and all, so it was pretty much me talking the entire time. If you don't know a lot about kids, talking to an 18 month old pretty much consists of identifying what they are grunting and pointing at... airplanes being my sons favorite. Not stimulating conversation at all.

Luckily my MIL was able to go today... we walked 2.11 miles. Oh did I mention it was supposed to be 3 miles of moderate walking again? Hmmmm, I am off to a rousing start!

Whatever, I give myself credit for just getting out there and trying. That really is the biggest battle.

I did learn 2 things.

1. I really really need to follow this training program or I might truly die on the walk


2. I really really want a jogging stroller!


  1. Just saw your note on Amazing Trips and thought I'd check to see how your doing~

    I am so happy that you have started your training!! And glad you have a team mate too! Your gonna be awesome! (You all ready are!!) 2.17 is great! ;-) I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!

    Check back with you soon. Maggie (aka Marg - Jen's cousin @ Amazing Trips)

  2. I am not a runner but I hear enough about this type of training from people around me at the office. They all say a scheduled training should be planned. Good luck!!
    BTW, let me know if you want to borrow my jogging stroller. It is not a very fancy kind but if you are in the area, come to my house and check it out!

  3. I want a schedule.

    Do you think that life would be easier if we had a schedule e-mailed to us for everything we need to do? or would like be stifling living that way?

    Keep us updated on the progress...."It's not about perfection, it's about consistence!"

  4. I'll tell you right now that even though we were out walking 20 miles before our race, 26.2 damn near killed me. Currently, I can't imagine walking 20 miles, back-to-back, over three days.

    Once I can meet and establish a schedule with my 3-Day team members, I'll post our schedule. Maybe that will help you...?

    Until then > get an i-pod post haste!!! Load it with your favorite pump-you-up music and just DO IT!